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13:10 02-01-2016

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Happy New Year,
Best regard from Belgium

12:49 14-10-2013

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Hello from Belgium , have a nice fall

Blog friends louisette

blog senioren be Louisette

18:44 25-07-2013
Felicitaciones por tu página. Me ha gustado mucho.
Desde Valladolid - España SALUDOS.";
17:36 07-03-2013
i love u & all ur wonderful cats &site
14:54 03-12-2012

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Hello wonderfull as always, greeting from Belgium.

Blog cat blue Louisette

00:40 07-11-2012
deliciosos y magnificos pps de gatos
18:31 13-10-2012

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Kellemes hétvégét, puszi: ildy";
23:21 05-10-2012

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Magnifique blog et superbes diaporamas! Compliments et félicitations.
Bien amicalement , Béa
04:08 02-05-2012

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I loved your blog! I have three of them so I´m a slave. Cats do what they want to do the time they want to spend, as you know. Thanks for sharing the pictures and music and everything.
14:44 07-04-2012

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Nagyon kellemes és szép hétvégét kívánunk: ildy-ék:-)";
14:13 07-12-2011
Félicitation je suis passée sur ta page formidable. Je te souhaite un Joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année, 2012
je suis une Canadienne Québecquoise, qui demeure dans la Gaspésie. ";
19:54 09-06-2011
Dear Judy,
Many, many thanks for your beautiful, tremendous Presentations.
It `s so nice to visit your place, I´ve never seen so magic and wonderful pictures!
You are the very best.And I will visit your HP again and again!
Thank you for all!
Have a very good time. Bye,Christa"
18:56 19-05-2011

let me tell you that i just loved your pages!
Specially the one concerning cats

Maria -(-Lisboa -Portugal )
20:39 15-05-2011

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Szia Judy!
Ez az oldalad is szuper!
Puszi Marcsi
13:18 15-05-2011

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Puszi és sok sikert az uj bloghoz is! ildy"
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